Case Studies

Case Studies

Series B Fundraising Assistance

  • A promising healthcare data analytics startup was approached by a premier VC firm who wanted to fund their Series B round
  • The VC firm asked the company for their 3 year financial projections, which the company didn't have prepared, nor did they have the internal resources to prepare it themselves
  • The Fivecast team quickly got to work to build out the plan with the company and constructed a compelling financial projection model
  • The Fivecast team continued to guide the company through the diligence process, ultimately helping the company secure $36mm in Series B equity financing to help them continue building out their vision

New Market Growth Analysis

  • The largest moving company in the region was looking for new ways to grow
  • They were considering expanding into the storage business, but wanted to be sure that it was a prudent financial decision to do so before moving forward
  • The Company brought in the Fivecast team to help them understand their KPIs and construct a detailed financial projections model
  • Once the model confirmed that expansion would produce strong returns even under conservative assumptions, the Company was able to confidently launch their next stage of growth

New Product Launch

  • A visionary entrepreneur spent two years designing his product, securing regulatory approvals, and building out his team
  • After securing a few key distribution contracts, the Company needed to raise capital to ramp up production and bring their product to market
  • The Company hired the Fivecast team to build a financial projection model and determine an appropriate valuation for the Company
  • Armed with a framework for negotiating their valuation, the Company entered conversations with investors with confidence and successfully secured funding on favorable terms